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The Evolution of Unionized Labor in the U.S.

After reading and watching the videos on Labor Movement(History Channel)you will have a deeper understanding of the progression of unionized labor. In your group, create a video that articulates the evolution of unions from their historical past to their present day function. Your Group Leader will assign each member to research a historical time-frame. Group members will be assigned one time-frame from: This is my assigned time frame: Present Day Unions (2000-Present Day)and create your specific time-frame narrated PowerPoint® video for it. After receiving your time-frame assignment, use the Hunt Library and conduct research to identify at least two scholarly sources pertaining to your assignment. Summarize the identified sources by creating PowerPoint® video presentation that highlights key events from your assigned time-frame. Please be sure to speak to the following: Historical events that influenced unions and the labor movement during your specified time-frame Key figures that impacted the labor movement during your assigned time-frame Key legislation that was passed during your specified time-frame Any opposition to or challenges experienced by those working to advance the labor movement.

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