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Super Fusion: How China and America Became One Economy And Why The World’s Prosperity Depends on It

First, PLEASE follow everything that my professor asks me to write. Second, I am a Chinese, so if you need to write something about China and America, try to tend to have some Chinese logic. If you can not, that’s totally fine, just be neutral. And I have the e-book in my Kindle Cloud if you need that, just tell me. And for the citation of my professor’s PPT, just leave that as “(Liu)”, and I can fix that later. And, the introduction requires you to use the citation of the book, you can just ignore that, I can fix that later. And, there is a theory called “PESTLEEG” in the introduction, which are Political dimension Economic dimension Social Cultural dimension Technological dimension Legal dimension Ethical dimension Environmental dimension Geographical dimension You just need to analyse based on those factors.

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