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Respond to A More Perfect Union Speech

1. In the opening minutes of his speech, how does President Obama attempt to establish common ground between the various hostile factions of his audience? Describe, making reference to particular details from the speech. 2. Why does President Obama’s refuse to disown Wright? How does Wright instantiate or represent the various divisions in the American Union? 3. In the section of the speech where Obama defends his association with Reverend Wright, how does he employ Rogerian form? Match up specific instances from the speech with the Rogerian model of argument. 4. In the final section of the speech, Obama outlines his thesis, or what he wants from each of the various opposed sections of American society. Identify these sections, and describe what Obama wants from each. 5. In pitching his argument or thesis in the final section of his speech, how does Obama continue to reconcile himself to the opposed groups within the American Union? (How does he continue to use Rogerian rhetoric during this section?)

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