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I just wanted to send out a quick note to make sure there wasn’t any confusion about which papers/chapter were eligible for reaction paper #3. You may write your paper article #4 (Near Death Experiences Similar to Drug-Induced States), Don’t write about any chapter or paper other than these three, please! 🙂 Here’s a brief recap of what I mentioned in class last week about things that may help you when you’re writing your papers: a) Don’t just write along with the article/chapter as you’re reading it. That’s just making a list. Instead think about the important themes you encounter. Organize your paragraphs around these themes. In all likelihood, this means you will not write all of the information in the exact order you first read it. b) Don’t base your summary off of a web site or guide like or Cliff Notes. It’s pretty obvious, even if you change some of the words, because these guides often leave out many of the details we want you to include, and include details that don’t really matter. Plus, that’s technically plagiarism, so it’s not a good choice, anyway. c) Reflections should demonstrate a synthesis of the content in the reading with other course content (like the example with the hippocampus that I mentioned on Friday). I want to see that you put some thought into how the reading fits into the overall course. Make sure to explain your reasoning step-by-step. I won’t fill in any gaps in your reasoning for you because I want to assess your understanding; therefore, you’ll need to be very clear in order to demonstrate your grasp of the content. helpful sites

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