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Final Version of Annotated Bibliography This assignment is designed to help you evaluate sources of information. An annotated bibliography includes all of the citation information needed to find a source and a paragraph describing the source. Find a minimum of eight sources on your topic – these should be your best sources so that means you will likely have reviewed more than you will need. For the eight sources – Only 3 can be web sites or popular sources, the other 5 should be scholarly peer-reviewed articles from the databases ONLY use MLA citation formatting and use it consistently in the assignment Look for reliable, valid sources that discuss research and use academic language As you write your annotated paragraph include both a summary of the source AND an evaluation of the validity of the source and its usefulness. Paragraphs should be in full sentences 70-200 words long. Length of the entry is often linked with the length of the source. Summarize the content of the source – main points only Evaluate the accuracy and validity of the source Describe the usefulness of the source The format should list the citation, then the appropriate paragraph annotation followed by the next citation and annotation. All entries should be typed and double spaced. The topic I am writing about is slow payments and high transaction fees I added a file of my thoughts and some research I have done already to help you understand what I am writing about.

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