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Pay equity and transparency as it relates to California law

To understand the landscape of Human Resources, you need to understand the dynamics of pay transparency and pay equity. There are many views about whether or not companies should publish pay ranges. Also, many laws have been passed in California to promote pay transparency and mandate pay equity. For your final paper, and using the attached article as a framework, please write a paper discussing pay equity and transparency as it relates to California law. This should be a well thought out paper discussing the implications of implementation for companies, its effects on talent acquisition and retention, challenges for existing internal employees versus new employees hired from outside the company, and consequences of not implementing pay transparency and pay equity on talent acquisition and retention. Here’s what I will be looking for: California laws from the last two years that have made/will make an impact on pay transparency and equity Supporting research for your opinions and assertions. This can be from any of the previous articles or books used in the course along with new research. Please have a minimum of five references The ability to introduce and develop concepts as well as being concise and clear in your Master’s level writing Full APA style to include a title page, abstract (make sure you research what an abstract is if you don’t know), body, and reference list No less the 5 pages for the body of the paper

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