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This assignment is to have you begin writing in an articulate manner about music. For this assignment you will write a 2-3 page paper about a musical event of your choice. This musical even can be a genre that you are both comfortable and familiar with. For example, if music is a regular part of your church service, then please feel free to write about that event. It is important that as you are at the event that you take notes about the event. The problem with this event should NOT be, I cannot find enough to write about. As you are progressing through the class you should be developing a vocabulary of musical terms and phrases that allow you to articulate your thoughts about music. When writing about music it is important that you consider the cultural context of the music. For example, consider how classical music is usually played on a stage with people wearing suits and sitting quietly. If you attended a heavy metal music performance you would expect people to be extremely loud and dancing around. The context in which both genres of music is played is an important part of the music.

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