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MRI Imagining and Processing

Navigate to (Links to an external site.) and choose a case that interests you. Write a report that reviews the pathology associated with your chosen case and describes the normal anatomy and physiology. Explain the particular modality of the medical imaging used in your case’s diagnosis and point out its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other methods and testing procedures. Discuss the prevalence of the problem and how much it costs to treat it annually. Propose an image processing strategy to aid or replace visual evaluation of the medical image. Your strategy should consider how images are acquired in a clinical setting and must account for untrained personnel, individual variability and poor/inconsistent image quality. Discuss the potential for type I and type II errors and propose a standard procedure or calibration technique that could avoid these errors, if applicable. Finally, discuss how you might simulate the images from your case and provide training opportunities for future physicians. Side comment: when taken to the external site, you can pick any image from the website, from A-Z no matter what image.

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