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Marketing and finance pitch project for Benjamin Moore

You are the Real Simple Magazine team/e revenue as part of Meredith Corporation •You are pitching Benjamin Moore Paint to win the account •BMP needs an integrated marketing partner •Help BMP in their branding – pull out elements and build campaign around it •Convince BMP that you will help: •generate demand •drive consumer affinity •increase customer lifetime value Financials – Connect Strategy to Cost(specific data) Must monetize ideas •Expectations on sales, costs, scale •Investigate and estimate OUR Ideas 1. We could start a social responsible project called ‘’Color for Love” focusing on color and art education in primary schools located in poor school districts, help poor and minority students get higher achievement and more opportunities. we will build The art room which is full of colorful color and inspiration for students imagination. Appeals whole society focus on these students. Meanwhile grab the attention from customers and long term partners(You are not selling paint. What you sell to yearning nice imagination of home to customers. You sell the friendship for long-term partners.) 2Bundling sales Our brand provide various types of paints with different functions and colors. Most of the customers may be confused in choosing these. In this case, some of them may make decision based on price while the others focus more on the quality and function. Therefore, we will provide bundling sales with different combinations to satisfy various needs and help the customers to make efficient decision. For example, economic combinations for those who prefer paints with relatively low price and basic function. Besides, the combinations can be various for apartment and office building. This is beneficial to improve sales in shorter time and also delivering the message that we care about the needs of different customers. Moreover, we will customized some gifts like thermo jug and induction cooker to the customers. Those gifts will be related to the theme of family, and with our logo on it. Every time they use, these products will remind them of our brand, and the friends around them will also see that logo, which is an ideal way to promote our brands. 3.Participate in home improvement programs, advertise on social media, and the TV station will cover the cost of advertising the TV program.. We provide paint to the program – reduce the cost of advertising, increase the influence, give the designer a certain advertise fee, let him explain why the paint is used in the TV program. The designer can compare with other paints. on the one hand, it can highlight the designer’s selection to show expertise of the designer, on the other hand, also shows the outstanding quality of our paint.

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