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Literary Essay on “The Home for Unwanted Girls” by Joanna Goodman

This is an essay on a book “The Home for Unwanted Girls” by Joanna Goodman. Introduction: clearly stated thesis statement, identifies elements to be analyzed (topics of development paragraphs), etc. Suggested topics: authority, impact of abuse, family values or relatioships, secrets, or any topic you think will be good for this essay. Structure: – development paragraphs: All infos in the paragraph is relevant to the thesis, Supporting points are provided in the form of examples and quotations (like examples from the book (pages are correctly numbered)), Points provided are analyzed to show how they reveal the theme, Evidence is provided, Author’s technique, etc. -conclusion -please do not use: very, really (my teacher hates it) Avoids personal pronouns such as we, you and I Avoids references to the act of analysis: like- I will prove to you that… do not use “the reader sees”, and etc. Please text me for full criteria of this essay, and I can provide you some of my previous essays so you can mimic it from them.

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