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Format: Your paper should be type-written, double spaced and use Times New Roman 12 point font. It must consist of a minimum of 2 pages but no more than 3 pages. A separate page for references must also be submitted. First page: Upper left-hand corner should have your: Course and Section number Name Date of Submission Title of your Paper First paragraph should immediately start after the above. Theme: Your discussion should focus on ONE of the health care system’s triad, specifically COST, QUALITY & ACCESS. This concept will be discussed in class with ample time before you start writing your paper. References: Books, peer-reviewed journal articles, certain newspaper/magazines may be used (The New York Times, Time Magazine and Newsweek) and electronic resources from reputable websites are strongly encouraged. However, these websites will need approval from your instructor before you may be able to use them as sources of information. Suggested topics for the term paper: HIV/AIDS Term Paper Rubric: Format Percentage of Term Paper Grade First Name Last Name HCM 11 Section ______ Date of Submission Title of Paper 2% What is (Disease or Condition)? • Describe what the disease is • How the disease develops • A brief history of how the disease evolved: • for example HIV/AIDS in the human population • Epidemiology of disease • how widespread it is • how fast is it spreading or becoming seen in the population Choose to discuss only one of the following: COST, ACCESS or QUALITY • Describe how the disease impacts the US health care system in terms of either: • Cost • Access • Quality Conclusion: In one paragraph, sum up the salient points you have presented in your paper: Summarize the description/other characteristics of the disease, health condition or health problem you chose Summarize the relationship of said disease, health condition or health problem to the health care triad component you chose (cost, access or quality). References: • Use correct formatting: MLA or APA • Make sure to include citations within the body of the paper • Footnotes can be used depending on the format you chose • Example: Main reference Shi, Leiyu; Singh, Douglas. (2013). Essentials of the US Health Care System (3rd ed.) Boston: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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