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Historical Jesus & Paula Frederickson’s book, Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews


Imagine you are discussing historical Jesus on social media. Someone comments by asking “What proof is there that Jesus actually existed?” How do you respond? Using Paula Frederickson’s book, Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews, you must construct an argument laying out the evidence for a historical Jesus. For example, you may argue that the Synoptic Gospels often corroborate information written earlier in Paul’s letters. Or you might also describe the ways that Jesus’ message and ultimate fate mirrors what we know about life in first century Jerusalem. Your options are fairly open but you must keep your sources for analysis confined to the Frederickson text and the Bible. Additionally, all claims made must be presented in a historical light. Truth claims about the theological or supernatural legitimacy of Jesus, the Bible or Christianity are not permitted, one way or the other. Remember, our task within the context of this portion of the class is to gain an understanding of the historical figure of Jesus and not to prove or disprove his divinity. This paper must be between four and six pages, double spaced and in twelve point font with one inch margins. Please use parenthetical citations when quoting or paraphrasing either the Bible or Frederickson. When quoting the Bible, you must cite chapter and verse. For example you would cite a bible verse as (John 3:16). A citation from the book would read (Frederickson, 110). HAVE TO WRITE IN AN OUTSIDER PERSPECTIVE! MEANING IN EVERY SENTENCE THERE HAS TO SHOW EVIDENCE FROM BIBLE OR PAULA FREDERICKSON’S BOOK “JESUS OF NAZARETH: KING OF THE JEWS
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