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H.R. 647: Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act

NSG540 Policy Analysis PowerPoint Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to explore a current health policy issue that relates to a health disparity or professional nursing issue at the state or national level. Instructions: Perform a thorough search of the literature, federal or state databases and media sources in order to research the issue and identify a current state or federal bill related to the issue. This is where most of your time will be spent. Build from your work with the issue you identified in Week 6. Be sure to select a policy that is NOT already being covered by another classmate. This is NOT a formal research paper. Develop it as you would prepare a document, with sections for each of the areas below. The focus should be on clear and complete documentation of the information needed by anyone seeking to understand the policy issue and related legislation. Look at the example of a policy decision brief in Mason (ch.7) for an idea of how the document should look. Be careful to not ‘crowd’ your slide with too many words/facts/figures. Make your salient points easy to read and comprehend. You DO need to title the presentation. Place salient in-text citations at the bottom of the slide as appropriate. Reference all sources using APA at the end of your presentation. Document the following areas: 1. The current legislative or regulatory issue, relevant background and identify why is it being debated (2-3 paragraphs) 2. Identify and describe one piece of current legislation related to the issue (it can be state or federal, pending, or passed within the past 5 years) (1-2 paragraphs) 3. The group or groups most affected by the legislation and all stakeholders involved in the issue (list these) 4. Current socioeconomic, political, cultural, and ethical issues surrounding the issue or implementation of the legislation – be sure to list at least 3 major issues and provide a brief summary of each (1-2 bullet points for each issue) 5. Analyze the position of at least one of the following groups on the issue: a. major professional health care organization (ANA, AHA, AMA, for example) b. consumers c. a major political party (bullet points) d. the likelihood of your piece of legislation being passed (see GovTrack.US) 6. Discuss at least two implications of the policy issue for nursing (1-2 bullet points each).

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