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GRE Acceptance/ Waiver Request for the Application to PhD in Public Administration

I want to convince them to admit me without considering the GRE scores Because I have a master in the field, I have 4 years work experience in the field Working for the state of florida. where I use my analytical writing and critical thinking on a daily basis. Writing reports and training different classes every 3 moths. i have GPA 4.00… See information below, if you have any questions please let me know. Subject: GRE Acceptance/ Waiver Request for the Application to PhD in Public Administration Dear Graduate School Admissions Committee, I have been a great student from my associate to master’s degree (see my transcripts). However, my biggest problem is the GRE, it frustrates me because it does not define my performance. Furthermore, I possess all the skills and knowledge to perform well in in graduate school, transcripts prove it well. I want to highlight that my GPA does not reflect my academic performance. Although I signed up for the GRE course to be well prepared to take the test, it did not help me. I took the GRE about six times to improve my score, I have not been successful. However, I refuse to get rejected because I did not meet the required department GRE score level. I know I can succeed and be excellent without a perfect GRE score because my graduate and undergraduate performance is a testimony to the above. Further, my math and statistic grades are good, and I have graduated with outstanding academic performance in my masters (see attached certificate). As per my conversation with the graduation school admission committee, I was referred to Dr. Sementalli, the chair of the department, to ask for a GRE waiver for my application. Therefore, I am writing to formally request a GRE exam waiver for my application to the Public Administration PhD Program at Florida Atlantic University. Additionally, I have a master’s degree in public administration from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and four years of work experience in the public sector (State of Florida) as an undergraduate, where I used to provide tutoring in math and French. I also have two years of graduate assistant experience involving research and class preparation. I completed my Master’s in Public Administration with a GPA of 4.0. Therefore, I strongly believe that my background already gives me the adequate quantitative, analytical, and reasoning skills tested by the GRE exam. I understand that the GRE is a requirement for the department, but I do not want it to keep me from achieving my goals. Moreover, my scores have improved a little, but did not reach the 60th percentile despite appearing for the GRE six times now. I request the committee to understand that my GRE scores do not reflect my true abilities. I am an excellent student with an outstanding GPA and my master’s grades prove that I can succeed in graduate school. Although I have taken a GRE preparation course to help me, the problem is not the course material; rather, my mental state is a barrier. After graduating, I joined the state of Florida where I currently work as a coordinator of community affairs. My role involves strong analytical writing and thinking. I am aware that the GRE test is crucial for the selection process; however, I would be obliged if you provided a special case waiver due to my testing anxiety. I thank you for your time and would truly appreciate a consideration of my request to weigh my accomplishments against the requirement of the GRE exam for my application. Best

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