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Final thoughts on One health approach

In the 21st century, it has become evident that the world is indeed connected, and that we live in a global environment with linkages making the health of one sector important for the health of all. In this module and associated readings, especially with the focus on disasters, we have painted a disturbingly grim future. However, the future is not yet written! Consider the greatest threats to planetary health we have talked about in each module over the course of the semester and consider the implications of each threat. After you have done this thought exercise, take a look back at your response for Question #3 in Module 1’s Discussion Board to be reminded of how far you have come since the beginning of the course. Armed with your new, comprehensive One Health knowledge provide your final thoughts for this semester to the following questions: What do you think is the greatest threat to planetary health? What do you think it the greatest threat that YOU pose to planetary health? What actions could you take or could you influence others to take to remedy these threats, either in your personal life or through your professional career? Did your response to Module 1: Question #3 change now that the semester is over? If yes, how?


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