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Fairy Tale character Biography

Overview: For this assignment, you will write a biography or profile of one character from a fairy tale. Choose one of the following characters: Granny, Little Red Riding Hood, or The Wolf/Werewolf from Perrault, Grimm, or Delarue’s versions of “Little Red Riding Hood” Wolfie or Granny from Hopkinson’s “Riding the Red” The narrator, the step-father, or Grandma from Block’s “Wolf” Granny, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Wolf-Alice, or The Duke from Carter’s Wolf Trilogy *Note, that some of these characters don’t have much dialogue or presence in the stories. If you choose them, you can be creative about filling in their back stories or characters but you must be able to point to a significant moment in their story that is in the text. Instructions: You will imagine that the character is a real person (or animal/beast) whose story has an impact in areas related to social justice and fairy tales. You will show how their stories raise awareness about social justice and feminist issues that we have discussed in class by focusing on one or two notable moments in the characters’ stories. To find social justice issues related to fairy tales, look over the class slides and your notes for key themes and ideas. You can write your biography about a villain whose acts of oppression raise awareness about social justice. Or, from the perspective of a protagonist or other character who challenges these oppressive behaviours, scripts, or actions. Your biography can be written as a profile of an historical figure (for example, you as a contemporary writer are profiling Bluebeard, a 17th Century murderer) or you can imagine that you and the character are contemporaries in either our time period or theirs (for example, you are a 17th century writer discussing Bluebeard who exists in your time OR Bluebeard is a contemporary figure in 2019). You can write your essay as a straightforward biography or profile. Or you can write it as a profile interview. Examples below. Your biography or interview should include the following: 1) An introductory paragraph that introduces your character, gives an overview of their story, provides context for the story, and briefly describes the notable moments that relate to social justice. 2) A discussion of the character in more detail including details from the stories to help describe the character, explain their story, and discuss their significance. You will focus on one or two notable moments and show how they relate to social justice issues. For your analysis, use dialogue, examples, and details from the stories. If you are doing an interview, this is where your questions and answers will be. 3) Conclude your essay by showing why this character’s actions are significant in connection to social justice issues related to fairy tales No secondary sources are required. You may use articles and essays from class if you need to explain concepts or ideas. No outside research permitted. SparkNotes or any online summary/analysis sites are prohibited.

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