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Design a recruitment strategy to attract and retain high-quality applicants for that position

Part A: Recruitment (50 marks) Consider the job description that you wrote in Assignment 2 (Gas Station Attendant). Design a recruitment strategy to attract and retain high-quality applicants for that position. The recruitment strategy should include the criteria listed below. Your overall budget is $3500. You can be as creative as you like with this assignment. You may develop a flow chart or use a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your responses. You should refer back to your textbook, which will provide you with some guidelines. Prepare the following documents for your recruitment strategy: An overall recruitment plan that includes your planned activities and costs; remember that your total budget is $3500. (20 marks) Develop a job posting for the position that would appear on your organization’s website. (10 marks) Develop an advertisement that you would place in a print publication like a newspaper or a web button that you would use within social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook for the position. Be sensitive to the cost of the job ad in your design. (10 marks) Discuss how you will use the Internet and social media tools to recruit candidates. (10 marks) Part B: Selection (50 marks) Write a two-page report, approximately 500 words, which provides the following: Develop shortlist criteria for the position. Be sure to consider the qualities that you typically find on a resume when building your criteria. (10 marks) Describe the methods you would use to assess the candidates. Is testing, mini-presentations, or assessments options? (10 marks) Identify five to eight key competency areas that you will assess during an interview, develop ten key interview questions for the position, ensuring that you use some behavioral interview questions. (20 marks) Describe the purpose of reference checking and identify three or four questions you would ask referees about this candidate. (10 marks)

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