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Demographic Profile Description

Demographic Profile Description

In this profile, you will report on three populations in the United States: the native born, a foreign-born population of your choosing, and the foreign-born population, excluding the foreign-born population you chose.

In class, you will receive a demonstration on how to download a Stata data file of the American Community Survey, a Stata do file that has the commands to generate and tabulate the estimates necessary to produce the profile.  The data file is large and takes about 20 minutes to download from blackboard.  Place the do file and the data file in a folder on a computer in the economics computer lab next to the economics office.  Click on the do file.  After you open the do file, you will need to click the last icon on the toolbar, execute (do) to run the commands below. If you want to change the foreign-born population, reference the note in the do file and change the place of birth (found in the data dictionary) to the foreign-born population that you want to estimate.

Once you have your estimates, you need to transfer them into excel and create column graphs for the following characteristics:

1.       Total population either as absolute numbers or as percentages of the total population

2.       Median age

3.       Citizenship status as percentages of each population (the native born will be 100% citizens)

4.       Marital status as percentages of each population (married)

5.       Educational attainment as percentages of each population age 25 and older (less than high school, high school, some college, and bachelor’s degree or higher)

6.       Labor force participation rate as percentages of each population age 16 and older

7.       Unemployment rate as percentages of each population age 16 and older

8.       Occupation distribution as percentages of each population that is employed

(use these categories Management; Professional; Service, Sales, and Office; Farming Fishing Forestry; Construction, Extraction, Maintenance, and Repair; and  Production, Transportation, and Material Moving) exclude military and unemployed 5 years or never worked

9.       Median income of full-time workers for each of the three populations

10.   Health insurance status of each of the three populations


Create a graph for each of these 10 characteristics and place it in a word document.  Title the graph and then write a descriptive paragraph of what you find as estimates and relate these finding to something that we have studied in the course.

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