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Defined economic sector of the UAE Economy,

The main goal of the individual essay/paper assignment, included on the syllabus, is to associate and to articulate the fundamental analytical concepts of economic diplomacy to the upcoming international scenario of commercial and political negotiation in the UAE (Dubai) with the world (Expo 2020). For this endeavor, the student will select a defined economic sector of the UAE Economy, and suggest fundamental strategic assumptions that could serve this sector to excel on processes of commercial or interinstitutional negotiation with governments and corporations that plan to visit Dubai at the Expo 2020. The essay will focus on the strategy between: The essay should include the following sections. • Introduction. • Importance for the UAE of the sector selected on the analysis. • The 2-level game, and the preparation phase of the AUE economic diplomacy with the X (Country or Corporation) • The UAE Strategy on the selected economic sector (How the UAE should address their meeting and preparation to excel on the Standard Domestic Sequence of Economic Diplomacy). • Conclusions and Recommendations.

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