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Crime Prevention Program Effectiveness through the NIJ’s Crime Solutions

Objective: To observe why some crime prevention programs work while others do not. Browse and familiarize yourself with the NIJ’s Crime Solutions webpage (you may have heard of this in other classes; if not yet, you will) – Select three programs of interest to you, that are similar in scope and objective: 1 from the “effective” list 1 from the “promising” list 1 from the “no effect” list Be sure to identify the three programs within the post. Conduct a mini-evaluation of the three selected initiatives and tell us why each one was effective or not effective. As you are comparing and contrasting, keep in mind that these programs are funded either by federal or local government (your tax dollars) or by private grants/endowments/donors. If you were a funder, to which program(s) would you want your money going? This is precisely why program evaluation is critical – so that policy makers/legislators and funders can invest their dollars – your dollars – carefully, in order to get a return, the return being decreased crime, decreased incarceration rates/costs, and safer communities. 

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