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Country Profile Assignment

The country is China. The project will be completed in your groups. Start discussions early and move fast. This project requires considerable reflection and supporting research. Do not leave the project until the last weeks of the semester. The report is due electronically to SafeAssign (Course BlackBoard). Late submissions will NOT be accepted. The report should be a maximum of 15 pages in length, single-spaced with 1-inch margins in a 12-font type, NOT including the title page and references but including all appendices. Any project exceeding the maximum page count will receive a one-grade deduction for each page or part of a page longer than the limit. Format and Rubric for Written Country Profile Assignment Letter Grade Odette Grading Policy Criteria (Weight %) F Very Poor D Poor C Fair B Good A Very Good – Excellent Comments Form + Style (10 %)  Grammar, spelling + readability  Effective use of statements  Professional appearance, e.g., page numbers and titles for tables, charts + appendices  Integration between sections of report Data Collection (10%) * Basic data on the country such as population size; educational level; income related information; political environment; level of corruption; social and economic condition; exchange rate; mobility of funds; etc. *There are numerous relevant facts online. Analysis (40%)  Correct use of concepts + frameworks from the textbook to help you analyze the business environment in the country.  Use of qualitative + quantitative data to analyze the country in terms of pros/cons of operating a business in the country.  Insightful evidence-based development and evaluation of the country, as opposed to simply repeating the facts  Effective summation of external +internal analysis. Your opinions and thoughts about operating a business in the country is important!! Key Challenges (10 %) Identification of Key Challenges in Operating a business in this country Recommendations (10%) * Should a company operate a business in this country? Why or why not?  Justification and Integration of recommendations No need title page and must have the reference Implementation (20%) * Discuss how a company should go about investing or operating a business in this country  Detailed + practical action to put recommendations in place (both short & long-run)  Timeline of sequence of actions,  IF your recommendation is NOT to operate a business in this country or not to invest in this country, discuss the following: a) What changes that the country need to make in order to make the country more attractive for businesses and investments. Be specific, be factual, and be realistic. b) How these changes (realistically) can be made.

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