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Comparing visible minority employment rate in Canada and Sweden

This is a follow up to a research proposal that I will include. This is a Human Resource Paper and is a 4th year course and the professor is very focused on language usage. The previous writer hired did not meet language expectation and Sources! The final paper is to be from 3,000 to 3,500 words per author, typed, double spaced, with one-sided printing. Sources: The paper is to involve an original library search and to be based primarily on academic journals and books, as follows: 1. Although this may vary depending on the chosen topic, students should make use of roughly five to ten reputable, reasonably current (e.g., last 5 to 10 years), published academic sources; Do NOT rely on non-academic search engines (e.g., Google) for your main sources — they often yield garbage, and your paper (and grade) will suffer as a consequence. 2. You are discouraged from relying on non-academic sources, such as magazines, newspapers, practitioner periodicals (usually, these have articles of under 10 pages and/or do not contain references), general practitioner-oriented books, encyclopaedias (including Wikipedia), or any sources of questionable objectivity (e.g., the Fraser Institute, the CIA web site). 3. Any non-academic sources must be attributable to a reputable institute, agency, or organization and must be properly referenced, so that they can be readily located on the net or elsewhere. 4. You should not rely extensively on class lectures, course readings, textbook sources, unpublished sources, or edited “survey” books (i.e., with separate chapters providing overviews of IR or HR in each of a number of different countries). 5. Unapproved use of material from other courses, students, or private sources will be considered an act of academic dishonesty, as will any of the actions identified on page 15 of this outline. Some pointers: 1) Papers must have good introductions, addressing what the paper is about, why this is of interest/importance, and how the paper is laid out (i.e., what is addressed and in what order). Introductions should be from half-a-page to a page-and-a-half. 2) The pages (excluding the title page) are to be numbered. 3) Papers should NOT normally rely on the framework used in class — although of use for pedagogical purposes, this framework does not lend itself to a coherent or in-depth analysis in a 10-15 page paper. 4) Use sub-headings to guide the reader through the paper, as per all course readings. 5) If the paper is to compare two or more countries, make sure that you are not just describing each in isolation from the other(s) — you need to actively compare, referring back and forth as you go. 6) Be careful on grammar, etc.. If the paper is not of university quality (i.e., minimal errors, typos, etc.), I cannot grant a pass and may reject the paper outright. Avoid the use of point form. 7) All material drawn directly from other sources must be cited. If this material is taken word-for-word, then it must be enclosed in quotations. If it is adapted, with word changes, it is important that this be made clear in a footnote. 8) Papers should have a concluding section summarizing and discussing what you have found. Suggested Journal Sources: The following does not include all possible quality sources. However, student grades will be positively affected if they draw on articles from one or more of them. British Journal of Industrial Relations (UK) Industrial Relations Journal (UK) Industrial and Labor Relations Review (U.S.) Industrial Relations (U.S.) International Journal of Human Resource Management (UK) Human Resource Management Journal (UK) Human Resource Management Review (US) European Journal of Industrial Relations (U.K.) Socio-Economic Review Work, Employment, and Society (U.K) Economic and Industrial Democracy (Sweden) Relations Industrielles (Canada) Journal of Industrial Relations (Australia) International Labour Review

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