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Choose one of the films below and discuss the values the film portrays

Choose one of the films below and discuss the values the film portrays. Explain in what ways the director uses the tools of his trade to help tell his/her story. I am not concerned with the plot of the film, I have already seen it, but tell me about your take on what the filmmaker is trying to say with his/her film and support your discussion with examples from the film. You don’t have agree with the values in the film, an interesting option is to pick a film you strongly disagree with, but make sure you support your rebuke of those values with examples from the film. This will be turned in Canvas. Word count should be no less than 1500. Adaptation Black Hawk Down Wag The Dog Some Like It Hot In the Valley of Elah Malcom X You Can’t Take it With You Pretty Woman League of their Own Unforgiven The Conversation Inside Out Little Miss Sunshine Hell or Highwater Steel Magnolias The Shawshank Redemption As Good as It Gets Being John Malkovich Rocky Erin Brockovich Big Fish Good Will Hunting North Country Tootsie Dances With Wolves Moonlight Goodfellas The Silence of the Lambs Three Kings And Justice for All The Last Samurai E.T. West Side Story Life of Pi Billy Elliot Avatar Gangs of New York Syriana About a Boy Argo Life is Beautiful Chocolat Chronicles of Narnia (the first one) Birdman The Dark Knight 12 Years a Slave LA LA Land Inception Interstellar Whiplash Django Unchained Gladiator


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