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Analytical Paper based on The Pruitt Igoe Myth Documentary

The history of the public housing project known as Pruitt-Igoe is as tense as it is complex. In the span of two decades – 1954 to 1974 – this massive residential development went from being a “proud symbol of St. Louis’s rebirth” to a site of fear, crime, and devastation. In your paper, explore the structural, architectural, political, financial, economic, regulatory, and social factors that shaped the lives of Pruitt-Igoe residents – both in terms of their opportunities and their challenges. Be sure to include the experiences and attitudes of former residents in your discussion on the promise and failure of public housing in the United States. The Pruitt Igoe Myth documentary We are suppose to watch the Pruitt ague myth documentary but if there is no access to it I think this website might help

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