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Adult nursing handover

You will produce a handover for the given enigma. You will use a PowerPoint presentation. All work must be referenced and a reference list must be on the final slide The enigma will give you statements of what the person is concerned about, you will identify the key issues, formulate a concept map. Think about how you can help this person, look for evidence that supports your ideas. Formulate the planned care into a handover format e.g. the patient is in pain, pain score 8/10, you need to give analgesia, state what is given and why, pain assessment etc If the enigma gives you a diagnosis e.g. asthma it is expected you will consider pathophysiology of this disease and the current guidance of treatment. If drugs are mentioned then you will need to consider what they are, how they work and if they are appropriate for the patient now. The idea is for you to demonstrate depth of knowledge, breadth of reading and safe and effective care for your patient. Remember this is a person and their family and so refer to them. Communication, health promotion are also important aspects. Don’t make up areas that have not been given in the case You can use pictures and diagrams. Do not overfill the slides. Originality is key. Ideas for slides – Slide title and names of group – Slide overview of case/ enigma – Slide – concept map – Slide – handover to to be used and brief rationale for choice – Slides- about each area of the enigma e.g pathophysiology cancer, body image concerns, leg ulcer care – Slide – conclusion/ sum up enigma – Slide – reference list

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