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A reaction paper about the Design a Crime Control Program project

To supplement your group work on the special project, each individual will complete a reaction paper about the Design a Crime Control Program project. For your reaction paper, you should address each of the following questions. Your responses must be type-written and in complete sentences. Your responses should reflect your group work but should be your own thoughts. Your individual reaction paper will be worth up to 40 points toward your final grade for the course.

1.       Were you able to use what you learned from your police officer interview to influence your decision-making in the special project? Why or why not? Be specific about the information you learned during your interview and how that influenced your perception of the project.

2.       How have your feelings about the police mission changed? (They have not changed at all is not an appropriate response here.) If you have not changed your opinion, how has the project supported your beliefs? Be specific with the ways the project has influenced your feelings toward the police mission. Remember, the police mission consists of five parts. Which parts did you think were the most important before this project? Do you feel the same way now? Why?

3.       Do you believe that community policing (or the ideal of law enforcement being a joint effort between the community and the police) is a valuable tool today? Why or why not? Can community policing coexist in a domestic security era of policing? How can community policing advance the mission of law enforcement today?

4.       How does your program design both reflect the needs of the community and the needs of law enforcement officers? Begin your response by defining the “needs of the community” and the “needs of the police” in this scenario. What elements of your project design appeal to each groups’ needs?

5.       How does your project design reflect the unique demographics of the fictional city in the scenario? What did you and/or your group do to better understand the needs of this community?

6.       What are your overall thoughts about this project? What would you have done differently if you had to do it again? Are there elements of your group design that you would have altered in some way? Can you make any suggestions for the project design for future classes?


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