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August, 2021

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How will an agreement be drafted?

The final research paper requires you to compare two countries in depth, in the context of international business negotiations. The research paper should cover the two country’s culture, communication, relationships, expectations, decision-making, agreement and execution and other important aspects that an international business negotiator should be aware of before, during and after the negotiation.
In this unit, you will select and declare two countries for instructor approval.
What preparations should a negotiator need to do know prior to the negotiations and why?
How will meetings be set up and where?
Who will be involved in the negotiations and why?
What important factors should be considered during the negotiations?
Does establishing up a relationship matter?
What effective communication strategy/strategies should be followed?
How will an agreement be drafted?
How will contracts for execution be drafted?
What is the best international negotiation strategy /technique for these two countries?
The paper should be 5-6 pages long, written in 12 point, New Times Roman font.
Paper should contain an introduction, body, conclusion, and references. Make judicious use of headings and subheadings.
The analysis section of the assignment should be substantial and supported with no less than five scholarly articles (retrieved from Park Library) as well as the textbook. Wikipedia is not allowed.
Follow APA formatting


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